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Why these 59 Chinese Apps Banned? Will it come back in the future?

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Social networking platform is in full swing again! The Indian government has taken a big step by banning about 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok.

The list of banned Chinese apps includes ShareIt, Helo, Shein, Likee, WeChat, UC Browser, CamScanner and some popular Xiaomi apps.

But why are these Chinese apps banned? Are apps banned just for their Chinese origin? Will all these apps come back in the future? In today's article, we will answer all those questions.

The Government of India has stated that this important step has been taken to maintain the security and unity of the country. TikTok and a few more apps have already been removed from the Play Store and Apple Store, but the rest are still visible, meaning they're still being downloaded.

Why these 59 Chinese apps banned?

Indian netizens have been venting their anger since the Indo-China tensions on the Galvan border, with calls for a ban on purchasing Chinese apps and products.

Earlier, there were reports on social media that more than 48 applications had been banned, but the government denied this.

But now an official statement from the Ministry of Information and Technology says the ministry has received complaints about the apps, with several reports alleging that user data is being stolen. The Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) reported that many apps had violated users' privacy.

The 59 applications have been banned by the Indian Ministry of Information Technology under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (Procedures and Safeguards for Blocking Public Access to Public Data) so that no one can access or misuse the data of citizens of the country.

What do users do now?

The government has said that the security of India's cyberspace is their responsibility so that mobile and internet users in India can be protected from any kind of damage. If necessary, such steps may be taken again in the future.

Prohibited apps will be removed from the Play Store and App Store. Devices that have those applications installed, even if they are currently in use, will lose Internet access within a few days.

Lots of alternatives to these Chinese apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. The government also said that they will soon come up with the best alternative to those applications for the users.

List of alternative apps of these 59 banned apps

If you are also using these apps and think about what will happen next, then without thinking much, check out the list below.

In this list, the name of the alternative app of these ban 59 apps has been given. Many of these options apps are made in our country. So let's find out which apps you can use as an alternative to popular Chinese apps.

TikTok is a short-video sharing platform and there are also apps like TikTok in India, Roposo and Mitron that you can use instead of TikTok. Apart from this, you can also share your videos on Instagram.

You can transfer files from one phone to another, or transfer them without using data from ShareIt. You can do the same thing with Google's Application Files and file share anywhere.

The Camscanner app has also been discontinued, but as an alternative, you can use Microsoft's Microsoft Office lens.

In place of UC Browser, you can use many apps like Google Chrome, Opera Mini. At the same time, video calling apps Mi Video Call and We Chat are also banned in India. But there are also many options for video calling such as video calling, Skype, etc. through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.


It is thought that the banning of popular apps by companies like ByteDance (maker of TickTock), and India's top smartphone maker Xiaomi will have a significant impact.

Those apps were downloaded millions of times. The government has banned several pre-installed MI applications, such as the MI community and MI video calls.

However, Xiaomi phone users need not worry because of their phone service and the necessary applications will be effective.

Will the apps come back?

If you are wondering if the apps will come back, then there is no possibility to lift the ban on these apps for now.

No wonder the apps come back in the future complying with all the demands of the government. Already, several apps, including TickTock, have claimed to the government that they do not share users' data with any foreign country.

Talking to an employee of the Hello app on behalf of Tech Gap, he said that they are determined to come back.


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